Michelle + Rendell

And so it was, that on a fine summer day, Michelle and Rendell married in beautiful Old St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown San Francisco.  Enough said.  Take a look.

Old St. Mary's Cathedral.

Hair Prep.

The rings and colors of the day.

Rendell, buttoning-up some loose ends. Photo by Zonafoto.

A different angle. Photo by Zonafoto.

Emergency veil kit. So Michelle had the material for the veil, but never took it out of the packaging. She thought it was all made and ready to go. Turns out there was enough material for 6 brides, but in its raw state. We managed to scrounge some scissors from the front desk and do a little traige right quick to make a veil in no time. Phew!

Michelle, liking what she sees.

Definitely happy about the dress.

Getting into said dress.

I love this photo due to Michelle's Mom face. She's looking away, excited and nervous, happy and sad. The reality that her daughter is all grown up and ready to start a life of her own. Such a beautiful moment.

Flowing dresses.

Yep, the veil works. Time to get married!

Rendell and folks. Walking the walk.

Everybody's here. Let's get married!

Perspective shift thanks to a Lens Baby and Christine's instinct to do something different. Photo by Zonafoto.

One last look back.

Sweet. Time to party. The Mill Valley Community Center was an amazing space. So much gorgeous natural light spilling in.

Total Awesomeness. And oh, they had not 1, but 2 of these bad boys. I won't even go into the sauce, but know this, it was Delicious!

1st dance, from the table.

Black and white sequence #1.

Black and White Sequence #2.

The girls being girls.

Um, I think someone wants the bouquet.

Don't worry, she got it.

The garter is coming off.

Some high flying action here.

Onto the party...

Totally stunned by his moves, one can only follow suit.


"No, no, give me 2 more! It's my wedding yo!"

The Venue: Mill Valley Community Center under twilight.

Michelle and Rendell - Palace of Fine Arts.

That’s it for another post.  Many thanks to Christine Zona for helping make this day a great success.  Michelle and Rendell, your wedding was a blast, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.  Gotta get that album ready.

See you down the road.




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