Megan + Casey

I felt really bad for suggesting that we meet in the evening at Land’s End and China Beach for our engagement session, because the fog was thick and the wind was pretty steady.  But, since we were both there, and Megan and Casey were looking pretty snazzy, we decided to go for it.  And when you go for it, sometimes Mother Nature gives you a reward for having some nuts guts.  In fact, I have to say that every client that has “gone for it” has been rewarded with nothing but stellar images – whether it’s been in the rain or pea soup fog – we’ve come away with great stuff.

Moving on with today’s blog, I have to disclose to everyone that Megan and Casey are two goofballs.  They really love life to the fullest, and are always laughing and goofing around.  If I could interview my clients, this would be the criteria I would deem necessary for us to work together!  So everyone, look through the pics and follow a pair of people who have it down.  Enjoy!… Megan and Casey wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sometimes the light just gives you a good photo.

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