Kristen + Ryan – Stern Grove Wedding

In the editing cave, my iPhone is rocking out to whatever Pandora deems a proper genre-specific song. I close the curtains to block out the hot sun that filters through the double doors leading to my garden, and bury my head to edit.  As I go through the photos, I’ll laugh and giggle about the funny times and quiet moments that I spent with the bride and groom.  I’ll get all sappy when it comes to the ceremony.  And when I get to the cake part of things, I get hungry and leave for a break in the kitchen.  Going through Kristen and Ryan’s wedding was no exception.  The mood was light and fluffy.  Nothing could go wrong.  Well, nothing that we couldn’t fix anyway.  We had a serious bow-tie incident in which we managed a work around, we found the lost button mixed within the grass and flowers, and the table cloth had dried out sufficiently.  We were on fire.  And that perfection carried right on through the ceremony, as the passion they share for each other was easily recognizable and conquered all.  I loved every minute of it, because real love was in the air.  It was palpable, honest, and forthcoming – and nothing says love like a groom getting all teary-eyed – but you’ll have to head in to see more of that.  But oh what a day…

Kristen + Ryan

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