Nancy + Brady

I watched the weather with hesitation.  All week the rain forecast kept eeking towards Saturday, and sure enough, I woke up to gray skies.  As I arrived at the Saint Claire Hotel in San Jose, the skies opened up.  But it was all good, because Nancy and Brady were having an indoor wedding.  The only bummer was we wanted to take some photos outside after the ceremony.  Well, wedding luck struck again.  The streets dried out, the sky was a marvelous blue with puffy clouds, and we got some great shots.  See for yourself!


Standing among the palms.

Like all women, Nancy loves her shoes.

Dress in wait.



Flowers – up close and personal.

“Make sure it’s tight!” Not a problem.

Brady and window-light.

Cuff Links.

Men are so easy – in many respects. But really, we take around 10 minutes to prep and we are ready to go. What to do with all that time? Drink.


Dude Conference.

Finishing Touches with Mom.

Brady coming down the aisle. He got an ovation. Wish I had one of those for my wedding!

Ring Transport.

Flower Delivery Service.

Anticipatory Groom.

Reason for said anticipation.

Something about a man and crying.

Moving in for the kiss.

The Girls.

Time to have some real good fun.

It was great to photograph Betsy’s wedding a year ago, and then be graced with her sister’s wedding as well. It was all the more special to listen to both say such beautiful, loving, and funny stories, as well as best wishes for the future.

My favorite part of this image is the range of facial expressions. No one knows what’s coming, and there is a bit of concern in the air.

Not to worry – the speech was perfect.

Pure trouble here.

Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the show.

Time to dance.

Father Daughter.

They’re having a good time for sure.

My 2nd photographer was amazing. Such energy!


The bouquet toss always lends to some good facial expressions.


Wink wink fella.

Nancy and Brady, thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding, and allowing me the creative reign to capture your big day.  I had a blast.

Best Wishes.

See you down the road.


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