Mary + Hai

Yep, it’s been a while.  I’ve been busy though.  I joined a new gym, I’ve been walking a lot…  Just kidding, I didn’t join a new gym, but with another wedding season just around the corner, and only a few spots left for 2012, you can bet it’s going to be a wild ride this year!  I’m really looking forward to 2012, as I have some amazing couples that I ‘ll be working with.  Mary and Hai are an example of what’s to come.  Creative, warm-hearted, and fun-inspired, these two are a kick to be around.  One thing you should know – Mary’s a planner.  She had ideas for the session ready to be put into action.  I was game, and the photos turned out great.  We found lots of color even on a gray day thanks to her recon.  Here’s a smattering of a few of my favorites.


Mary + Hai, just having a good time.

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Rosa + Shenay

Another deal, another day.  The Groupon deal is still kicking, although it’s in its last stages of life.  I met Rosa and Shenay at the Japanese Tea Garden in SF.  We got there early to avoid the crowds, and got away with it too, as the tourist were light in the morning.  Thus, we had our choice of some nice angles with the bridge, trees, and all the other good things that come with a Japanese garden.

Shenay, whose name is Turkish, spent 2 years in Japan as a child, thus the fascination with all things Japanese.  As I spent 2 years of my life (although I was an adult) I am still fascinated with all things Japanese.  Whether it’s a bar that serves mayonnaise milk shakes (for real), real karaoke, or the indefinite response you’ll get to important life decisions, I will always heart Japan.
Here are a few from the day…

Through the maple, Shenay and Rosa.

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