Helen + Dave

All the way from Ohio, Helen and Dave flew out to have their wedding in front of family and friends at the Valencia Hotel in San Jose.  From many an email and phone call, our conversations always were great – but to finally meet this duo – was the icing on the cake.

I’ve been real busy of late, and I wanted Helen to know I was working as fast as I could to get some of her photos up. She replied that it had been 9 years of courtship for her and Dave, what was another few days?

I love my clients…

Helen - prepping.

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Aaron + Yumi

I met Aaron and Yumi at the Claremont Bridal Fair in Oakland last January.  They were just as they are now, chill and relaxed, cruising through all the chaos. They were kind enough to stop by and chat, and we sort of just hit it off.  After having lived in Japan for 2 years, I busted out some of my limited, but “well-pronounced” Japanese and got a few laughs from Yumi.  “Oh man,” I thought, “they could be a great couple to photograph.”

In all honesty, I really did have that feeling.  I really wanted to get to know them, and to photograph them as well. From a photographer’s standpoint – when you connect with you clients/subjects – the quality and the feeling of the photos improves dramatically.  My advice to all those looking for a photographer.  Make sure you connect.

Heading down to China Beach, it was all fun and games...

So a few months later, we met up for a cup of coffee and a chat.  Well, it all worked out and a bond was formed. We decided to shoot the engagement session at China Beach. I don’t know how we got so lucky with the weather, but Friday the 2nd was much like a day in September, with a fog-less sky, minimal wind, and a great sunset.

Thanks for a great day, being patient, and taking directions so well.  You guys rock!

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