Helen + Dave

All the way from Ohio, Helen and Dave flew out to have their wedding in front of family and friends at the Valencia Hotel in San Jose.  From many an email and phone call, our conversations always were great – but to finally meet this duo – was the icing on the cake.

I’ve been real busy of late, and I wanted Helen to know I was working as fast as I could to get some of her photos up. She replied that it had been 9 years of courtship for her and Dave, what was another few days?

I love my clients…

Helen - prepping.

Finishing Touches


The Boys


The Site


I love how Helen choked up a bit. So cute...

The Rings?

That's better.

Time for some champagne.

Good times.

Dave's a pilot, hence the planes.

The new Helen... but still the same of course!

Helen and Dave took dancing lessons before the wedding. Like for months. It showed.

It's good!

Helen and Dave, once again, thank you so much for connecting with me, and allowing me to photograph your wedding. It was a gorgeous day.  Here’s to many more!

See you down the road.


One thought on “Helen + Dave

  1. Nice pictures, I remember taking pictures a couple of times on occasion, but the results not as I’d hoped to expect. Crowds make me nervous, I’m happy as long as the camera doesn’t shake, like in 3 dimensions, then get back what I thought would look like the image I had in mind at the time the picture was taken. Most of the subject does all the work, or it just wouldn’t make the picture.
    My picture taking days are on hold for now, the computer changes everything, I’m just going to have to ask myself, to come at it from a different angle all over again, till then I’m going to make do with the photographs I have all ready taken from the past, some that where never printed. A flat bed scanner where one could control the light, would do me the world of good.


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