Here’s a photo of me.  I got bored today and wanted to do something personal.  Nothing more personal than photographing yourself.  So I set my lights up, grabbed a frame of bees, manhandled a chicken, posed, and pulled the trigger till the shutter went click. I can once again relate with my clients who hate having their picture taken 🙂 I only like a few out of the bunch, and this is one of my faves (it’s hard when you’re the only one making yourself laugh and worried that your sleeping baby’s going to wake up!). This is very much me though; out in my garden and hanging with nature.


See you down the road.


Adelaide Harper Parsons

Here’s our baby girl.  Adelaide Harper Parsons was born on 2/20/2013 coming in at 6lbs 7oz.  She’s mostly cool, except when she cries.  So far her hobbies include sucking on mom’s boobs, laying down nice tracks in her undergarments, spitting up milk, and learning stuff. So far so good!

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Happy Monday!

If you need a lift, here’s one on the house.  This image was shot for a piece I did for Good Magazine a while back on Urban Chickens.  Having a few feathered friends myself, the project was self-inspired and a lot of fun, not to mention exciting if not dangerous.  How?  Well, drive by shooting a block away dangerous.  Oakland baby.  Sometimes it doesn’t mess around. urban_chicken_00001See you down the road.



Allied Arts Guild Wedding Photography – Katie + Edward – Menlo Park Wedding

I love it when weddings are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from my house.  Living down in Redwood City,the Allied Arts Guild is super close for me. One less stress for me, as I hate having to find parking! The day couldn’t have been more relaxing, as my bride Katie is a pretty mellow cupcake, and not to mention that the grounds are simply stunning.  There’s always something in bloom at this magical location, and we had our fair share of blossoms make an appearance.  It was pretty cool to see an amazing couple blooming into something more as well.  Katie and Edward are both go-getters, and are forging ahead to new frontiers – literally – as Edward accepted a fellowship on the east coast to pursue his career in medicine. California knows both will be missing the amazing weather that we have here in the Bay Area, so she cooperated in sending us the perfect day on her behalf.

With close friends and family in attendance, everyone watched this love-filled ceremony as these two exchanged vows and tied the knot.  Katie and Edward, I am honored to have been a part of your wedding. Congratulations again with everything.  All the best!

katie_edward_blog -00001

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Chrissie + Ryan – Evergreen Lodge Wedding – Woodland Wedding

I used to live down in San Clemente, CA. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever lived in my life; if not the best.  It’s got the sun and surf, pretty much perfect weather, and amazing outdoor possibilities to pursue if you’re that type.  The only downside for me is, at times, life can get a little busy.  LA encroaches.  You can hit a mean traffic jam at times.  Things can get a little superficial what with Hollywood being so close.  And so when I needed a break now and then, I would turn to the Ocean.  Sometimes I would go even farther, and head over to Catalina Island.  Once I would step on the ferry, the hubbub in my head would slowly start to file away.

Fast forward many years, and now life around here can seem a little “go go go”.  That’s why I was really looking forward to Chrissie and Ryan’s wedding.  For me , Evergreen Lodge is like Catalina Island – maybe in some ways it’s even better.  Driving up highway 120, wildflowers are in bloom and the occasional deer scatter along the side of the road.  Fields of grass ebb and flow in the wind, painting on an infinite canvas while endlessly entertaining the daydreamer in me.  Motoring up through the foothills, my phone started to lose service.  “Yes!” was my secret inner response.  It’s so healthy to be cut off from the noise once in a while.  And as I entered down the long road to the lodge, the silence and beauty started to overtake me.  The green enveloped me.  And I smiled with a deep breath, as a feeling of relaxation washed over me.

Over the next few days, I drank a few brews, ate many a meal, and captured some great images of a perfect day.  Wait, this is work right?! Ha! I have a pretty damn good job indeed.  Chrissie and Ryan, I wish you nothing but the best for today, tomorrow, and what lies down the road.  Salud!

chrissie_ryan_blog 00001

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Cassie + Jon – San Francisco City Hall Wedding & Sir Francis Drake Hotel

City Hall is one of the best places to photograph in San Francisco, bar none.  It’s like a huge softbox, which means amazing light for those of you who don’t speak photo-nerd.  The architecture is amazing, and right outside the front stoop lies the rest of this wonderful and vibrant city.  And so it was on a gorgeous but windy Friday afternoon that Jon and Cassie tied the knot.  With family in attendance – spanning a few generations – we all witnessed a bond of love take form and elevate to the next level. After the ceremony we took a jaunt over to the Sir Francis Drake. I find it easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, so we snuck up to the lounge area where more great light was spilling in, and we again captured some great moments. Jon and Cassie wanted some fun photos, and we definitely got them! Enjoy!


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Kevin + Tracy – SF City Wedding + Yank Sing

So, turns out a baby can come early.  I guess that’s why Jen was harping on me all the time to get the crib finished.  And so the time that I had allotted to edit Kevin and Tracy’s kick ass wedding was replaced with sleepless nights, poopy diaper changes, and lots of sleeping on my back with a newly minted human being atop it.  Not that falling asleep with your beautiful baby daughter is a bad thing, but I was bummed it would take me longer to get to their photos.  I think the wait was worth it.  As I was cruising through the 900+ photos that I am going to deliver, I had the difficult task of picking out around 50 of my favorites.  What follows is great light and great moments.

Kevin and Tracy, your wedding was beautiful.  We skirted the rain, the church was amazing (pastor was a little intense on photography rules), dinner was great (besides being duped into almost eating a chicken head), and your friends and family were gracious subjects.  I mean, you guys were married in the year of the dragon as well, right?!  It’s only up from here!  Congrats and enjoy the photos.

KT_00001 KT_00002 KT_00003 KT_00004 KT_00005 KT_00006 KT_00007 KT_00008 KT_00009 KT_00010 KT_00011 KT_00012 KT_00013 KT_00014 KT_00015 KT_00016 KT_00017 KT_00018 KT_00019 KT_00020 KT_00021 KT_00022 KT_00023 KT_00024 KT_00025 KT_00026 KT_00027 KT_00028 KT_00029 KT_00030 KT_00031 KT_00032 KT_00033 KT_00034 KT_00035 KT_00036 KT_00037 KT_00038 KT_00039 KT_00040 KT_00041 KT_00042 KT_00043

Angela + Rodel – Hiddenbrooke Country Club – Vallejo

Angela and Rodel were graced with an absolutely perfect wedding.  There was nary a cloud in the sky, the weather being a classic Californian fall day.  Stands of oak and willow surrounded the grounds, and I knew there would be some great opportunities once the light softened a bit later in the day.  In the meantime, I just went back and forth from Rodel and Angela, happily snapping away the events as they unfolded.


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Tina + Derek – San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Tina and Derek made their way from NYC to the west coast with not a minute to spare.  Late to catch their flight and stuck in traffic, they feared the worst. Arriving at the airport they found their plane delayed, and as luck would have it, was just starting to board.  I tell you, there is something to this wedding magic business.  We met inside City Hall on a gorgeous fall day. The building was fairly empty and the ceremony went smoothly (I mean, they’re like 5 minutes, so what could go wrong?).  The only hiccup the entire day was on me.  I somehow lost track of my car in the Tenderloin, and spent the better part of 20 minutes running past crack heads, homeless people, and pushers in my dress shoes.  I passed one guy a few times and he showered me with praise with phrases like,  “Run young blood, run!” or my favorite, “There he go again!”  Replace “young blood” with Forest and I think we have a better match.  In the end, I finally found my car (actually it’s an ’84 VW Westfalia – which makes it way more important than any old car), and returned to Tina and Derek red-faced and out of breath.  But the light was perfect, so we grabbed a few more frames outside the building.  Take a look for yourself!

tina_derek_blog 00001

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