Kevin + Tracy – SF City Wedding + Yank Sing

So, turns out a baby can come early.  I guess that’s why Jen was harping on me all the time to get the crib finished.  And so the time that I had allotted to edit Kevin and Tracy’s kick ass wedding was replaced with sleepless nights, poopy diaper changes, and lots of sleeping on my back with a newly minted human being atop it.  Not that falling asleep with your beautiful baby daughter is a bad thing, but I was bummed it would take me longer to get to their photos.  I think the wait was worth it.  As I was cruising through the 900+ photos that I am going to deliver, I had the difficult task of picking out around 50 of my favorites.  What follows is great light and great moments.

Kevin and Tracy, your wedding was beautiful.  We skirted the rain, the church was amazing (pastor was a little intense on photography rules), dinner was great (besides being duped into almost eating a chicken head), and your friends and family were gracious subjects.  I mean, you guys were married in the year of the dragon as well, right?!  It’s only up from here!  Congrats and enjoy the photos.

KT_00001 KT_00002 KT_00003 KT_00004 KT_00005 KT_00006 KT_00007 KT_00008 KT_00009 KT_00010 KT_00011 KT_00012 KT_00013 KT_00014 KT_00015 KT_00016 KT_00017 KT_00018 KT_00019 KT_00020 KT_00021 KT_00022 KT_00023 KT_00024 KT_00025 KT_00026 KT_00027 KT_00028 KT_00029 KT_00030 KT_00031 KT_00032 KT_00033 KT_00034 KT_00035 KT_00036 KT_00037 KT_00038 KT_00039 KT_00040 KT_00041 KT_00042 KT_00043

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