Chrissie + Ryan – Evergreen Lodge Wedding – Woodland Wedding

I used to live down in San Clemente, CA. It’s one of the best places I’ve ever lived in my life; if not the best.  It’s got the sun and surf, pretty much perfect weather, and amazing outdoor possibilities to pursue if you’re that type.  The only downside for me is, at times, life can get a little busy.  LA encroaches.  You can hit a mean traffic jam at times.  Things can get a little superficial what with Hollywood being so close.  And so when I needed a break now and then, I would turn to the Ocean.  Sometimes I would go even farther, and head over to Catalina Island.  Once I would step on the ferry, the hubbub in my head would slowly start to file away.

Fast forward many years, and now life around here can seem a little “go go go”.  That’s why I was really looking forward to Chrissie and Ryan’s wedding.  For me , Evergreen Lodge is like Catalina Island – maybe in some ways it’s even better.  Driving up highway 120, wildflowers are in bloom and the occasional deer scatter along the side of the road.  Fields of grass ebb and flow in the wind, painting on an infinite canvas while endlessly entertaining the daydreamer in me.  Motoring up through the foothills, my phone started to lose service.  “Yes!” was my secret inner response.  It’s so healthy to be cut off from the noise once in a while.  And as I entered down the long road to the lodge, the silence and beauty started to overtake me.  The green enveloped me.  And I smiled with a deep breath, as a feeling of relaxation washed over me.

Over the next few days, I drank a few brews, ate many a meal, and captured some great images of a perfect day.  Wait, this is work right?! Ha! I have a pretty damn good job indeed.  Chrissie and Ryan, I wish you nothing but the best for today, tomorrow, and what lies down the road.  Salud!

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