Tina + Derek – San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Tina and Derek made their way from NYC to the west coast with not a minute to spare.  Late to catch their flight and stuck in traffic, they feared the worst. Arriving at the airport they found their plane delayed, and as luck would have it, was just starting to board.  I tell you, there is something to this wedding magic business.  We met inside City Hall on a gorgeous fall day. The building was fairly empty and the ceremony went smoothly (I mean, they’re like 5 minutes, so what could go wrong?).  The only hiccup the entire day was on me.  I somehow lost track of my car in the Tenderloin, and spent the better part of 20 minutes running past crack heads, homeless people, and pushers in my dress shoes.  I passed one guy a few times and he showered me with praise with phrases like,  “Run young blood, run!” or my favorite, “There he go again!”  Replace “young blood” with Forest and I think we have a better match.  In the end, I finally found my car (actually it’s an ’84 VW Westfalia – which makes it way more important than any old car), and returned to Tina and Derek red-faced and out of breath.  But the light was perfect, so we grabbed a few more frames outside the building.  Take a look for yourself!

tina_derek_blog 00001

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Tina and Derek, thank you once again for giving me a shout!  I truly enjoyed your company, getting to know, and being the witness on your marriage certificate.  That was pretty cool.  Are we BFF’s forever?  I don’t know… but I’d like to think so 🙂  Best wishes.

See you down the road.


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