Adrienne + Neel

Well, I’m kind of happy that San Francisco weather is acting like its normal self again.  Too much sunshine in the winter is just plain silly up here.  But for taking photos, it’s pretty hard to beat.  I’m just glad it cooperated long enough for Adrienne, Neel, and I to get some great photos down by Crissy Field and the Marina District.

I had a fantastic day you two.  Thanks for being such great subjects!


Walking down from their cute apartment, we started the day afoot.

From the Marina we walked all the way to Crissy Field. I should have worn shorts it was so hot!

Lot's of green.

I wonder what Neel was saying now?

Really? It's February?


Right around this time I learned Neel's nickname.

I'd tell you, but I think he would bring down brimstone and fire upon me. Nah, just kidding...

He's a big teddy bear for sure.

There were so many great photos, I had to just choose the ones that popped out at me.  Once again, thanks for the great day.  Hope you like em!

See you down the road.


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