Adrienne + Charlie

Two Adriennes in 2 weeks?  That’s just crazy talk – but it happened!  Gotta say, both were fantastic clients to work with. Instead of Neel, we have Charlie, who as it happened, graduated from my alma mater, Cal Poly SLO.  Sigh… Firestone’s Tri Tip Sandwich.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s fine, you’re not missing anything.

Here are a few pics from our day at the beach.  Glad we got it in, because all this rain seems like it’s here for a few more days.  But hey, I kind of like the rain…


You know the bridge.

When I parked to meet Adrienne and Charlie, I noticed the tide was out along this seawall. It was our first location, and it turned out to be pretty sweet.

Loved the hat.

So did Charlie.

I pulled a total rookie move here. Forgot to zip up my pockets, thus allowing a gallon of sand to gently caress my iPhone. Too bad there's no Maraca App, because that's all it's good for now.

I know, they look like they have been photo-shopped in the image. But it's real, with no funny stuff! That's the magic of the Nikon 85mm 1.4

...and we had about 3 seconds to grab this shot. Well done everybody!

Nothin' like a little lovin' on the city streets!

Got lucky and found some parking down by the Embarcadero. It was a good, though brisk day for a stroll.

If we were in the 3rd grade, people would be singing that song about Adrienne and Charlie sitting in a tree...

Got out the umbrella and flash for the last pic. The sky was right and the bridge made for a nice frame.

Well, that’s it for now.  Adrienne and Charlie, thank you so much for the great time and the delicious beer afterwards. You are definitely my kind of peeps!  Hope you enjoyed the photos, and of course there are many more to come.

See you down the road.


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