Michelle + Rendell

I love to travel – I’m not gonna lie.  And when Michelle and Rendell, who are having their wedding up here in the Bay Area, asked me if I would come on down to San Diego for an engagement session, I basically said, “Why the hell not?”  With San Clemente so close, good friends to see, and a few waves to surf, it was an easy choice.

Once again, southern California pulled through with great weather, great waves, and some fantastic photos.  Here are a few from the day.


Starting out in Balboa Park, we cruised around to see what we could find. It was my first time here. If you have the chance, definitely hit this place up.

Here’s a literal sea change.  As soon as we hopped on over to the beach at Point Loma, we all sort of relaxed.  I mean, I was pretty relaxed, but Rendell definitely let his guard down (finally) a bit 🙂  Not gonna lie – he was a little nervous and tense at first.  As soon as we whiffed the ocean air and looked upon the Coronado Islands, it was, as they say, all good.

This rock was so cool. It's round and seemingly out of place with all the column shaped sandstone that it rests upon. God definitely plays bocci.

Lighthouse. Pretty cool to think I used this to navigate my little sailboat into Mexican waters almost a decade ago. 6 months and 4000 miles later I saw her again, and she was a pretty sweet sight indeed.


We had a pretty good time. When I saw these rocks, I immediately thought of the Karate Kid. I told them to go play. I really love this next series of three!

Daniel-san! Keep your balance!

Balance Fail.


I asked Rendell what he was saying to make Michelle laugh so hard. He said, “I’m just whispering ‘whisper, whisper, whisper’ in her ear.” Hahaha! I about keeled over with laughter.
Nice ending to a nice day.

Thanks for the great time in San Diego you two.  Looking forward to your wedding day.  It’s gonna be a blast!  Until then…  Ciao!

See you down the road.


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