Guest Blog – Christine Zona – Photographer

Initially, Christine and I met at the studio we interned at in San Francisco.  We had both recently moved to the Bay Area from other parts of the world.  Me from Japan and she from New Jersey.  I don’t know which is stranger, (having lived in both, I can say that) but we definitely hit it off.  I think it was a case of being in the same place in our lives; leaving a good job to take a chance on what we were passionate about.  Soon we started photographing weddings together, and the rest is history.

Working along side Todd is always a blast.  My job as his second shooter is to fill in the blanks, and bring a whole other perspective of the wedding to the table. When he’s right in the action, I will go shoot from above on a rooftop or around to one side. When he is photographing the bride and groom, I go around and capture moments with the guests.  We make a great team, and together our photographs tell an amazing story, from all angles and styles.

When I photograph a wedding, I don’t look farther than asking Christine if she’s free.  I trust her eye, her skills, and her ability to uphold my and client expectations.  You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to find a photographer with those traits.  She’s not a talker (well, she is actually) but she kept it short and sweet for this excerpt.  I’ll let her photos do the talking. Here’s a small selection from Helen and Dave’s recent wedding.


Center of attention.





Try and have a happy Monday on this gloomy day in SF.  (Update, the weather cleared up?!)  And also, a big thanks to Christine for rocking Helen and Dave’s Wedding.

Go Giants!

See you down the road.



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