Excuse Me, Is This Seat Taken?

Fast on the footsteps of a really good time in Santa Cruz with Sara and Eric, they had an engagement party to celebrate the coming of good things.  As it just so happened, Stanford and Oregon played each other on the gridiron that same day (actually, I don’t think there was any coincidence there..)

I mention this only because Eric played on the Stanford team as a punter, and Sara’s brother played on the Oregon team, I believe, as a defensive back.  They actually played each other, and Eric spoiled Oregon’s undefeated run by making the last tackle on a punt return that could have been the winning touchdown. Oh yeah, Sara’s dad also attended Oregon, so there was some emotion in the air… for sure.

Putting all that aside, it’s now time to watch as a faithful fan.  The rules of the house are simple.  When you have a good locale, a Mai Tai in hand, a plentiful bowl of chips and salsa, you better damn well mark you seat before you get up and leave.

Aside from the football game, the Hawaii Tiki Torch Bonanza of ’10 played out well – plenty of drinks, torches, and perfect weather – all contributed to a wonderful evening.  Too bad Stanford got spanked.

Le Torch



Blue Hawaiin


Sara played volley ball at Stanford. Eric, golf and football. I fear the offspring that these two will have. For it will be the most athletic baby of all-time!

Sara and Dad

When you're this serious about football, a shirt just isn't enough.

Shh... The game started.



Drinks always make photos better.

The Crew.

Guy Talk.

End to a beautiful evening.

The sun, unfortunately, set on Stanford, as they could not rally past a surging Oregon team.

Doug, however, was happily content, and I think his socks even turned a deeper shade of green and yellow.

See you down the road.


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