Mandi + Pete + Crested Butte

Fall Colors.  A new place.  9000 ft of elevation.  All these factors contributed to my not sleeping well, and thus, rising at 5:30 AM to grab some early morning light photos.  It’s not the best strategy when you have to be on for over 8 hours, but I am a glutton for pain (and great photos that help sum up an amazing location such as Crested Butte, CO).

At the end of the day, I gotta ask myself if I gave it all?  Did I wuss out, and not put in a little extra energy to grab a photo that would have added to the amazingness of the day?  It’s always a driving factor (and one that you want in your wedding photographer ;))

So here they are: the extra mile.  Enjoy!

Dress and Aspens.

Crested Butte from a distance, up one of the most beautiful valleys around.

Upon arrival, you realize one thing about this town. Dogs and people go together.

Looking on.

Rustic Bouquet.

Finishing Touches.

Mandi. Very Ready.

Guys are so much easier. Throw on the suit and button up. Square knot or Widsor?

Whatever knot you can remember from childhood I suppose. (For those of us who don't tie ties everyday!)

Pete, showing what he's really made of. Goofy faces and smiles. Just one more to add to the montage.

Pete and his mom, leading the procession. Did I mention it was uphill? At 9000 ft?

Here we come!

Flower girls.

Ambiance. I think we found this guy as we walked down the street. Just kidding. Gotta love mountain towns.

Down the aisle.

House of God.

Best seat in the house.



Pete loves flare - no, not the ten pieces you need to work at Flingers - the kind that makes those cool in-camera magic anomalies when you shoot into the sun. But you better know how to meter it... or you could blow it.

Forest Walk.

Better go get your bride Pete!


Down to town we go, hand in hand.

Time for a drink.

This was one of the coolest ideas ideas I have seen at a wedding in a long time. Pete's family owned a type writer company back in the day. They brought in different machines, and asked friends and family to write messages of love and best wishes for the bride and groom. The young ones are thoroughly engrossed.


Next stop - Irealnd. (For them... not me 😦 )

Pete and Mandi, I had a great time in CO.  I am sure you are still enjoying the emerald hills of Ireland, and I can’t wait to catch up when you get back.  Until then, enjoy, and congrats again!

See you down the road-


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