Mandi + Pete + Crested Butte

Fall Colors.  A new place.  9000 ft of elevation.  All these factors contributed to my not sleeping well, and thus, rising at 5:30 AM to grab some early morning light photos.  It’s not the best strategy when you have to be on for over 8 hours, but I am a glutton for pain (and great photos that help sum up an amazing location such as Crested Butte, CO).

At the end of the day, I gotta ask myself if I gave it all?  Did I wuss out, and not put in a little extra energy to grab a photo that would have added to the amazingness of the day?  It’s always a driving factor (and one that you want in your wedding photographer ;))

So here they are: the extra mile.  Enjoy!

Dress and Aspens.

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