Amy + Ryan

It’s been a busy few weeks.  Yes, the blog is a bit light of late, but I notice this trend throughout the “blog-o-sphere.” Seems people actually leave their houses and desks once in a while to get some fresh air, and enjoy time with friends and family.  I don’t think there’s any air I would rather smell than that of Lake Tahoe.

Amy's Dress = Amazingly Gorgeous

Majestic mountains, a big blue lake, and chill people make for some pretty good times, and the fact that Amy and Ryan happened to get hitched up there makes it pretty much perfect.

The weather was stellar, and no one lost the kid’s college fund at the tables the night before.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  So enjoy the pics… I will stop talking… typing… whatever…

Getting ready while the gallery looks on.

Amy's a Cowgirl at heart for sure...

Ryan reflecting...


I Do.

Jazz Hands! Lovin' It!

Can you tell they are totally into their sunglasses? 🙂

Bob, Amy, and everyone watching.

Rockstar and Vodka? Yep, this is what dropped the hammer on the party, Cole Trickle style. (Back when I still liked Tom Cruise)

As the caption says, this is where the dynamic of the reception started to change.  It was good times all around, and the love was infectious.  The kids to the Grandparents got out there and started to dance it up.  I suppose the kids had their own Rockstar and Vodkas, as there was a candy table in lieu of cake, and they took full advantage!

Ryder - aka- "Best Little Dude" doin' the bull dance and feelin' the sugar.

Golden Light. Not many people could wear this dress. Amy could.



Evening Light

Nice. Soft. Light.

Congratulations Amy and Ryan!

What a great wedding and great peeps.  You were terrific to work with.  Mental love rays heading you way…

See you down the road.


6 thoughts on “Amy + Ryan

  1. Thanks Guys! The wedding was a blast, and anytime that I can get up to Tahoe is a good thing indeed. I wish I could have stayed to party, but another wedding called!

  2. Todd, Thank you, thank you, thank you, for capturing such precious moments and turning them into lasting memories! You did a wonderful job! Looking forward to the rest of the photos!

  3. WoW! Beautiful beautiful photography! Like my sister, Ronnie, I too enjoyed the captions! Boy, I’m so glad they chose you!

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