Amy + Ryan

Getting married soon in Lake Tahoe, I met Amy and Ryan through my wife’s friend and Amy’s sister, Julie.  They are about as active as you can get, and when they asked me to photograph them wake boarding on Folsom Lake, I thought, “Heck yes that’s a good idea Kip!”  Whether they are rockin’ out to Guitar Hero or pulling air, they are full throttle.  It’s kinda of hard not to be with a twenty something foot ski/wake boat!

Once she slipped in the water, the boards were lauched and the tower was blaring music.  It seemed like before I had my camera turned on, Ryan was shredding all over the place, much to the chagrin of a few fisherman a cove away.  What follows was a good day on the lake.

Throttle Down

The day started out a bit overcast, and I was glad I didn’t have to slip in the water.  Even though I am used to dawning a wetsuit and paddling out into cool waters to surf, for some reason, I had no ambition this morning.  Happy that others were up to the challenge.

Heading out to the right spot.

Ryan, putting us in position.

Amy, ready to give it a go.


Ryan, waiting...

Airing it out. Will he land it...?

Nope. But to his credit, he did land a few others.

In love and shredding together.

You know that thing in most wedding ceremonies about not only being each other's lover and companion, but best friend as well? Yep, it's true...

Making sure everything is alright.

Looking forward to another good day on the lake.  Tahoe, here we come!

See you down the road-


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