Can’t Get Enough of This Wedding Stuff

I carry my camera pretty much everywhere I go.  It’s the curse of loving photography, and being a photographer.  I even bring it to weddings that I am invited to as a guest, rather than the paid photographer.  I just can’t help it, and in all cases, I am glad I went the extra mile to keep my eye open and find something fresh.

Mo and Matt were married at Valhalla on Lake Tahoe in early July.  They are fresh off their honeymoon and back to the grind, but I am sure they had a wonderful week in Maui.  I mean, it’s Maui.  How can you go wrong?

Here are a few pics that I snapped along the way.

Forgoing the fun of the wedding, the boys found true pleasure in a Penguin Puzzle.

Lookout! The Hens are in complete control. Mo can only sit back, smile, and hope for wonderful outcome. Spoiler alert... all was well.

Really, is there a more beautiful man than this specimen? I think not! Bond is it...?

Complete with roaring fire and all, the ceremony was gorgeous.

I love these goofballs at heart.

Right about here is where the party kicked it up a notch.  I was carrying double when I found out the bar was open for the rest of the night.  Maybe a few others did the same…?  The Michael Jackson and alcohol led to an amazing serenade from multiple parties.  Marty, Mo’s brother definitely started it off with leg kickin’ he heeeeeee’s, and the feeling continued on throughout the eve.  Here are but a few images…

Lasso Time!


Bothers Grim

The natural center of attention - The Bride

Thanks for the amazing party Mo!

See you down the road-


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