Adam and Mollie

Adam and Mollie’s wedding was unique in many ways besides the European Vacation flair (sans Chevy Chase) and a reunion of sorts for many past San Sebastian scholastic inhabitants.  The nuptials included such fresh ideas as a Flash-Mob wedding site, sing along serenade, and carving into rare rib-eye in a house full of sneaky-strong apple cider.

Now that the dust has settled, and everyone is back from Spain (liver and lungs fully recovered), it’s time for some wedding pics.  To everyone’s delight, I won’t say much this time around – I will let the pictures do the talking – and you can decide if it was a good time or not.  Spoiler alert!  The answer is YES!

Mollie's Wedding Dress - Waiting

Phoebe - Hair Extraordinaire - Working Her Magic

Mmmmmm... Delicious

Some Last Minute Grooming

Elaine - Looking Amazing

Everybody on the bus?

New Bride

And now we get into the meat and potatoes of the night… literally.  For those that don’t know, a Sidreria is basically a wine cellar, but instead of fermenting grapes, the Basque substituted apples.

In the old days, distant townsfolk would come from miles around to buy the year’s supply of cider.  The travelers would be hungry and wary from their journeys, and as such, they would sit down to a huge meal of soup and bread, tortilla de Bacalao (egg and fish omelette), Chuleta (a huge rib-eye cut from Oxen), and a desert of fresh Manchego Cheese and Membrillo (which is a jellied quince).  During the meal they would visit the huge casks of varying ciders to sample and select which varieties they would bring for the journey home.

Today the tradition lives on, but in a different sense.  For me, the best part isn’t the all you can drink cider, it’s the food. Please check your manners at the door, for you won’t really need them.  I don’t even know if “family style” is applicable to a Sidreria, but you wouldn’t want to bring anyone less than familiar to this cultural gem.  For example, as each group of 4 people share 1 plate of chuleta, loaded with generous portions, everyone is carving and scooping with their forks and knives at the same hunk of meat.  If your first date survives here – keep her!

Heading into the barrel room

To bring the cider back to life, small tap holes are opened, and the drinker catches the golden goodness 4-6 feet away, to re-introduce carbonation and give it life once again.

Adam, showing everyone he's still got it.

Chris, Adam's brother and Best Man. Affected by the cider? Perhaps.

Did my camera have a few drinks, or could Aaron pass for Bond?

No time to look down. Of course there's food there...somewhere.

Juani, Adam's surrogate grandmother, radiating.

Ethan, rallying the troops to sing.

You two are next.

Food. Amazing. Must eat more.

Thanks Adam and Mollie! It was a grand time.

That’s if for now.

See you down the road.


4 thoughts on “Adam and Mollie

  1. Hola, Todd…….tu fotos tinen “algo” muy especial, que no sabria explicarlo…..tal vez…mucho cariño.
    Me han encantado.
    Saludos desde Donostia.

  2. Gracias Juan. A veces, no puedo describirlo tampoco… Yo trato capturar las emociones del momento, mezclado con la belleza y amor de mis cleintes.

    Hasta la proxima!


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