Brad and Mei

Walking the dog was never so lovely.  Just glad she didn't get a whiff of the wild turkeys just off in the grass!I recently had the pleasure of working with Brad and Mei. They were kind enough to bid on my auction display at Bullylicious, a fundraising event for the American Pit Bull and their enthusiasts. Their goal: Raising awareness that pits aren’t the bad dawgs they’re made out to be.

Brad put his bid in for the photos, but he had a secret agenda as well.  I guess he figured, “Why not kill two birds with one stone?”  A proposal, along with a walk in the park and a photographer following along was the perfect way to capture what happens only once.

We met for a sunset shoot in the hills of Oakland, but Daylight Savings Time being what it was, I miscalculated the time needed before sunset.  Thus we had, shall we say, ample time to work with.  But not to say that’s a bad thing at all.  I always preach to my clients, perspective and current, that any extra time spent with their photographer will yield greater results.  It’s no easy task to be thrust in front of a camera and act yourself.  The whole feeling changes, and it’s only when you are comfortable and slightly unaware that someone is following you around with a camera that you start to let your guard down.

Rachel loving every minute of the Great Outdoors.

Along for the day was Rachel, Brad and Mei’s rescued Pit Bull Terrier.  I have to admit, when I made the original call to touch base with Brad, I was a bit nervous when I found out she was a Pit and was coming along.  My stereotypes couldn’t have been shattered more quickly, as she was good-natured and more or less unconcerned with me or my camera.  She obeyed my commands right away as we frolicked through the grass and posed for a few portraits.  If I had another treat, I would give one to her right now.

Loving the fresh green grass!

As we whiled along with the day, the sun was starting its descent.  The light was getting soft and warm.  I switched to one of my favorite lenses, the 85mm 1.4.  It’s so lovely at making people just pop from the background while turning said background into lovely buttery goodness.  I was aware of Brad’s plan, and had been waiting for it all day.  He seemed to have a little nervousness in his step, and I knew the big question was coming.  I just sort of ambled around until I saw him turn and get serious.

As the moment turns towards the big question, I was just off in the distance capturing the moment.

As he got out the little box and dropped one knee, Mei froze up.  I think every woman has this reaction, but it’s the happiest freeze a woman could ever ask for.  I love how they sort of pretend that they don’t know what’s going on. It’s the moment that most girls dream of for a long time…

WIth the ring on and tears running, Brad asks, "Well, yes or no?!" Ladies, you always seem to forget that we men need verbal confirmation. The answer of course, was, "Yes, of course!"

So as Brad confessed his love through word, action, and intent, I moved around to capture the moment.  After getting some great shots, I backed off and went a little wider to take in the moment.  All’s well that ends well…

Some gorgeous evening light and a quiet moment at hand.

Brad and Mei, congratulations on your engagement and continued evolution as a family.

See you down the road.


2 thoughts on “Brad and Mei

  1. Nice shots Todd.
    Did you know . . . there was serious talk of banning pit bulls in Seattle about a year back, and, having a wolf/wolf-hybrid is illegal. Pit bulls are beautiful dogs. It’s funny how we humans create a persona for a pit bull, both figuratively and literally, and then we blame them for what we create. Crazy talk.

  2. Didn’t know that Jami. I think it’s all how you raise ’em. Rachel was sweet to me, and a pretty mellow dog on the whole.

    Thanks fir the comment and awareness of an issue not many people know about.

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