Leslie Lowe – Rock Star

Is a working vacation still a tax write-off?  I suppose it’s a valid question seeing as today, “the tax man cometh,” and we have to file those un-enviable papers to our beloved government!  But half kidding aside, toting all my gear a few hundred miles away got me thinking, “How can I write this off?”

And so with my set of lights and a brain full of photographic ideas whizzing around, Jen and I loaded up the car and took off for the High Sierra.  Our purpose:  Photograph Leslie Lowe – Rock Star.

Leslie’s the bassist in the trio I covered last fall. She’s a good friend, not to mention an amazing artist, athlete, and musician.  Opening for Ani DiFranco – Gaby, Sebastian, and Leslie – took on the East Coast with fervent energy and unabated youth.  It was an amazing experience, and one that they recently repeated with Ani in late January.

So when I found out that all the while, Leslie has been building her own solo career as well, I wanted to help her out with some photos.  With more than a few songs cut, and more on the way, I suggested that we meet over our coinciding vacations to get some images together for PR and advertising.  She was game, and my vacation turned into a tax write off with benefits.  Errr… I mean…you know what I mean!

Rocking out in the trees.

Starting out with some casual stuff, we both went through the motions at first, not putting all our energy into it.  Sometimes photographing your friends (don’t even get me started on family) can bedevil the heck out of you.  It’s funny, but when you are really feeling it, the energy will cause you to tweak an angle a bit more, or search for that little glimmer of light that you might not have otherwise noticed if you weren’t really looking for it.

I tell all my new wedding clients that an engagement session is a great idea; not because I want to make more money.  Having some experience behind the lens and getting to know your photographer a bit more always pays dividends.

As time went on, I noticed both she and I relaxed about a half-hour into the session.  (I think Kata needs to invent a gear bag with an insulated sleeve for a bottle of wine!  I would buy it, and my clients would love me for it!)

Definitely my favorite photo. The light, colors, and expression blew me away!

We started having more fun, and the stress we felt earlier vanished.  With a few wardrobe changes and tweaks of the light, we had a great little session.  We kept it fun and light, and then rocked out a bit.

Finished with the lights, we drove for some lunch and looked for a spot with access to the “golden hour.”  A few different looks are always nice.  As I drove on a shaded, windy road, a little splash of color made its way through the mountains.  We pulled the car over and down from the street was a nice little beach.  Walking down and peeking around the corner, I saw golden sand, and knew we had about 10 minutes of good light.  I managed to snap off a few images before the sun dropped below the trees.

Those 10 minutes produced my favorite photos of the day.

Thanks Leslie!  You’re great to work with.

See you down the road.


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