Cuttin’ It Up

Rob saws through a few steel frames while throwing sparks at me.

Life continues to roll on inside Prospect.

Progress made has been great, and I continue to find amazing things to photograph as the story unfolds.  The inside structure is taking shape, and the idea is coming to life.

Sparks are flying and love is in the air!  Don’t know about that last one, but the latter is definitely true.

Foot steps, hammering, the rise and fall of the blade cutting steel framing – all of these reverberate throughout – and I am amazed to see the skeleton emerge.  I have to walk a little more tentatively now that work has started.  Dawning a hard hat, I peruse around and try not to get in the way of so many who are making this possible.

Rob, Kevin, Tommy… the list goes on and on.  They have started the story, and I look forward as it unfolds.

Today’s words are a bit short.  As I am feeling under the weather (boo) I don’t have much to say.

Maybe that’s a good thing?…

Please enjoy the imagery.

At 200mm, I was well clear of the sparks - unlike my 14-24mm lens that took a few to the glass - oops.

A worker installs some electrical lines.

Rob threads in a screw to pull it all together.

I am sure there will be a much prettier attendant at the front when Prospect opens her doors!

Always wear your hard hat, or you could end up like the unfortunate soul below...

This poor fellow wasn't with the unions and slipped through the cracks. Nah. Where else but San Francisco can you find a glittering skull in the trash?

See you down the road.


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