Almost Up To Speed

I can, on occasion, get ahead of myself.  For instance, when I sailed my 26 ft Pearson Ariel 4000 miles to Mexico and back, I had a moment to face my mortality during some unsettled weather.  As 40 knot gusts howled furiously and waves crashed about, I had never encountered anything like the mean ocean I saw before me, and thought (even if momentarily) that I might not make it.  Under duress, I decided to write down everything I wanted to do in my lifetime. Yes, I wrote my bucket-list at the ripe old age of 23.  After returning from Mexico and finding safe harbor, the list emerged, and a funny pattern raised its head.  It went something like this:

1.  Run Marathon

2.  Start Running

3.  Hike Appalachian Trail

4.  Buy Hiking Boots

5.  Become Independently Wealthy

6.  Find Job

And so my list went down the line.  Big goals first.  Starting out second.  I’ve always wanted the end results quickly.  I am willing to do the work, but a bit impatient sometimes (OK, most of the time!)  Once again, I find myself wishing to post my most recent photos of Prospect, only to reign in on the stampede of imagery.  I’ve decided for once, (big sigh) to be patient.

What follows are the long drives, late nights, and good beer consumed brain storming and contemplating where we want this to go.

Adam Typing and Ravi contemplating.

Our guru of words, Adam has a uncanny ability to be loquacious, amusing, and provocative all in the same sentence. To me, he is the William Jefferson Clinton of my friends and colleagues; he can say just about anything, and I’ll love him for it.

The stark reality that it doesn't matter where and how you meet - just as long as you meet.

Like I’ve said before, this project is about the forging of friends, co-workers, trades, and artists who’ll provide the collective effort to realize Prospect. Everywhere you walk within the building, names start popping out at you.  A family owned operation, Val Betti kept springing up on hats, shirts, and even home appliances.  I am not sure if the power supply is totally necessary for the circa 90’s microwave, but one thing is for certain:  The burritos will be hot!

Setting: Nuclear

Once I was described by a friend as, “A rock of change.  But a rock nonetheless.”  Maybe that’s where my love of construction sites comes from? Everyday something happens – something changes – a wire gets installed, a piece of sheet rock is hung, or concrete is poured.  Materials take shape and form out of ideas, mathematics, paper, pencils, computers, and more.  For a dreamer like me, it’s paradise.

The end result of years of work in the form of text, pictures, lines and paper.

Visited daily, the plans are referred to constantly.

A hand crafted space idea of immense proportion isn’t born overnight; nothing great ever is.  Planning, hard work, drafts, and re-drafts all require attention to detail. Getting to know Prospect and her story – setbacks and triumphs alike – I have come to realize that everyone involved has paid their dues.

With a little more patience, Prospect will be open for business – and like the hottest girl around – she’ll be worth the wait.

It seems the proverb is proving true once again.

“Patience is a virtue.”

See you down the road.


2 thoughts on “Almost Up To Speed

  1. Great post buddy! I have a similar problem with being patient. And now that I’m almost to the ripe old age of 23, I’m about to write my own bucket list! One thing that is for sure — patience is a virtue — I’m learning this lesson time and time again.

  2. Thanks Kirk! Ha, I guess 23 is the new 60?! What the…? So it goes with everything. Gotta pay your dues, and then maybe you get a shot at something big.

    Thanks for reading!

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