Day of the Dead

Heading up on a dark Monday evening, tail-lights illuminate my path to the city for an evening meeting with Prospect’s new head chef/part owner, Ravi Kapur, and magical word slinger Adam Starr.  It’s been some time since our last creative meeting, and I am excited to hear good news ranging from full funding of  the restaurant to everyone’s latest and greatest ideas.  I really didn’t know what to expect beyond that.  I was just hoping to have a few drinks, brainstorm, and walk away with the creative juices flowing.

Reaching the city, I found an unusually amazing parking spot close to my destination on what seemed to be a very crowded night in the Mission for a Monday.  As I walked to our meeting place, I passed by a few people whom I thought were dressed pretty far out for even SF standards.  Capes and goth galore, it slowly dawned on me that everyone was dressing up for the Day of the Dead.  Ah yes, my birthday is also in line with hoards of people, some in costume, pilgrimaging candies and favorite foods to the grave sites of  loved ones gone the way of the Dodo.  Glad I brought my camera.

I truly love photographing people, but how do you approach someone off the street, bust out an intimidating camera, and then make them comfortable with you?  A good starting to point is to just ask.  I couldn’t let all these great faces, images, and shadows drift off into the night.  Once a year my friend…  So I bucked up the courage and asked a few kind-hearted souls to allow me to photograph them.  And it felt damn good.

 A new goal is emerging: Making a point to ask people if I may photograph them.  The more uncomfortable I am, the more reason for me to stretch my boundaries and push my creative ideas.  

I swear it’s like asking your high school sweetheart out for the first time.  And after she says yes, you think, “Why didn’t I do that sooner?”


5 thoughts on “Day of the Dead

  1. Thanks for checking in. You guys were great subjects and I am glad you stopped so I could photograph you. Looks like you had a fun night from the flickr photos! All the best.

  2. Hey Todd !I love the BW one of the guy walking by. Great stuff. !!!!It is very difficult to get over that hump of asking people to let you photograph them. But you are doing it, tip of the hat to ya!

  3. I'm right there with you Todd,Stretching out of out comfort zone to get those unique shots is what will separate us from the 'good' photographers. It's a tough thing to do but that's what makes is so fun, right? Keep it up man, Looking really good.

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