Behind More Than Ever

Haven’t gotten to post this last week.  Things have just been popping up here and there, which is a good thing.  Edits with a recent wedding and family session, putting together a commercial bid, and general maintenance of websites, the garden (which is going to be awesome) and life has been keeping me at bay.  But I am back baby!

I’ve also been laying some groundwork on some fun projects that have been bubbling around in my head, more of which I will be commenting on as I go.  I don’t want to say too much now, but I will say it does involve birds that lay eggs.

The other really good news is that I’m heading out to New York with Gaby Moreno and company (through Leslie Lowe…thanks Leslie!).  They are opening for Ani Difranco for part of an East Coast Tour. I will be covering 3 shows in mid-November and some behind the scenes and down time stuff.  It’s such a big break for Gaby and crew.  I am so sure that they are going to spring into stardom, and I feel honored to be a part of just a few shows.  I am also looking forward to freezing my ass off in NYC!  Gonna miss that good old CA weather.

Seeing as tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to make this short and not post photos of anything, including the Lucha Libre mask I wore last night for Halloween.  Demoralizing at best, I would not recommend a mask for anyone to wear for Halloween.  Three words:  Hot and Sweaty.  Ewwwww…
Besides, have you ever tried to eat 7 layer dip through a little mouth slot?  Not feasible.  Go with something easy: Face paint and some hair color go a long way.

Till next time.



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