Big Lights, Big Garden

I love my backyard garden.  It makes me so happy I had to jump for joy! (and test out a set of broncolor monolights)  As you can see, we have quite the little (sub) urban farm kicking up.  Fruit trees line the fence, and the chickens patrol for squirrels and other varmints while ridding the land of snails and slugs.  As the peruse and peck, they enrich the ground with nitrogen at the same time.  Thank you chickens.  In the planters, everything is just sprouting from seed, growing more and more everyday.  I have gone big this winter (when do I not?) and planted the following:  Winter kale, red onion, bak choi, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, collards, swiss chard, spinach, beets, artichoke, garlic, strawberry, lettuces, radish, 3 varieties of potato, and daikon.  In a few months things should be pretty damn nice.
Photographically, things are great, but I haven’t been as active as I would like.  Yes, I’ve been out there trying new techniques and styles, but I feel like I need to push even more, every day.  But here’s the kicker:  I enjoy it immensely.  I continue to grow as much as I can, but I walk the line of being burnt out and creative frenzied.  Maybe that’s when the most inspirational ideas come?  Whatever the case, one things for sure.  It’s doesn’t feel like work.  It feels right.
The word Dharma is simple but complex:  The basic principles of the Cosmos.  It’s one’s righteous duty or virtuous path.  And I think when your work becomes timeless- when it ceases to become a chore and instead something you love to do, you are said to have reached dharma.  I have to say, I love photography.  I love looking through the viewfinder and capturing the world the way I see it.  I love mixing and mingling with people.  I love working with someone to help achieve a look or feel that they want.  I’ve got dharma going in my life, but sometimes I flee from my personal vision for fear of other people judging my “artistic ability.”  The way I see the world.  Like somehow my photographs won’t be inline with what another person qualifies as good or something along those lines.

But the realization hit me.  I don’t have to be liked by everyone.  My style is unique, and clients and friends will value me, comment, and applaud or critique whatever I produce.  Pictures are personal and don’t resonate with every single being.  And I think this is an important point to bring up.  Many a time I feel like I have moved away from what really moved me.  I haven’t pressed the shutter on the moment I thought would be great.  I haven’t pick selected the imaged that I liked the most.  I haven’t been unrepentantly sure of my images enough.  Maybe that’s the other part of dharma that isn’t defined: Not only finding your path, but sticking to it as well.

Greatness requires risk and attitude.  If you don’t think your great, maybe you’ll never be great.  Self-fulfilling prophecy and what not… I don’t know.  But if you have an idea, a dream, a vision- produce it and don’t look back.  Do you think I would have gotten these sweet rake guitar skills if I had listened to anyone!

See you down the road.


3 thoughts on “Big Lights, Big Garden

  1. o man, thanks for your words.. that's the kind of stuff that keeps you on your life path even when compromise and apathy try to lure you away. good insight.

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