And now…The Schmidts!

Yvonne and Brian,
Congratulations on your wedding day.  I can safely say that all went well without a hitch! (except for you guys…getting hitched…ohhhh!)  We almost had a veil malfunction at the very beginning, but catastrophe averted.  Phew…  You all are so easy to photograph (well, Yvonne especially!…sorry Brian…ha ha…) that I found myself having difficulty selecting which photos were favorites to include in the slideshow.  In the end, I published more on my site than I had anticipated.  But no matter…


There are many photos that resonate with me, but a few are more special to me than others.  One of my favorites was the reading pictured here.  Tolya and Janie were talking about love, the sacrifice and help that each partner needs to offer freely to one another in a time of need or joy.  And as his hands started to shake while reading, it became difficult for Janie to hold the paper.  And then Toyla offered (literally) a helping hand to steady the words and let him finish.  I got chills by the simple act of love that was, in essence, what you and Brian were entering into and accepting at that moment.

On the fun side, what’s not to love about you playing blackjack before the big moment?  I really feel honored to have been up there with you.  And as you readied yourself and spoke hushed questions and statements with your father like, “This is it,” I could see that you were totally content and ready.


And it’s not just the cornerstones of a wedding that tell the whole story.  You also have to stop and take a breath, get up real close, and really look hard at moments.  I loved the figurines from Brian’s parents wedding cake to a simple arrangement of glasses downstairs.

Thank you for entrusting me to be a part of one of the biggest days of your lives, and I look forward to watching you all grow as individuals and as a family.

Best Wishes,


4 thoughts on “And now…The Schmidts!

  1. Todd, This is a lovely selection of wedding pictures and I particularly liked the things you wrote. It was very touching to read about the elderly couple who showed that love is shown by the little ways we treat each other on a daily basis.Marge

  2. Todd,Just beautiful! The photo of Yvonne's eyes looking at Brian with the backs of the groomsmen looking on….wow…my favorite!Claire

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