Morning Light

I woke bright and early to try and capture some morning goodness in and around my haunts. I thought a drive out to the beach would do me good, so I headed over the 92 towards Half Moon Bay and Pillar Point. It was still dark and gloomy, especially after all the rain that we’ve had, and I didn’t know where to go or what to look for. I was almost hell bent on driving up the coast when I thought to myself, “Wait, if you keep driving you will miss the good light.” So I decided to pull over and just wait for something.

I piddled around till I found some parking near all the boats, which are always an instant draw for me considering my sailing background. There’s nothing like the smell of salt air in the morning while the constant wail of the fog horn morosely warns mariners of the dangers yet unseen. And this was no more re-enforced by a sad little fishing vessel that waited patiently in the shallows on the bay floor. She was proud, even with all the water awash on the decks and spilling over the gunwales. There were so many stories of high seas and great seasons that abounded with plenty I am sure, but now she was waiting for a salvage and demo team; They will take what they can and shred the rest. A sad ending for such a stout looking little boat.

As I watched her in the gray, the sun started to peak over the ridge, casting a nice little back light on her. I thought, “This is it. I’ve got a few minutes.” I got out both cameras, a long and a wide lens, my filters, and a 3 stop split neutral density filter to compensate for such extreme lighting difference, and went at it. There wasn’t much I could do for different angles as the incoming tide had already swept over my feet for the second time while I concentrated on the frame, but I had a great time until the light vanished.

As I walked the dock, I got the normal friendly hello from a couple of guys: Boat guys. I walked with them down the dock and swapped a few stories of my high seas adventure to lend myself a little credibility. We talked of fish and water, wind and tides, and how attaching boat to any question regarding a part quickly adds a few extra hundred dollars. As our stories faded out and as quickly as the tide turns, the two gentlemen were puttering off to the anchorage while I waved them a goodbye.

Some days the light only last a few seconds or minutes. Sometimes it can go on like a dream. Today was fleeting and momentary. But my plan remains to photograph every day. Even if I only come away with one decent photo from each day, I am still learning; still gaining from failures and experimentation. As the rain started to come down with with some bite, I headed towards the car and off on my way. The pangs of hunger started echoing in the belly, and a smile washed over my face.

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” Elbert Hubbard

3 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. Excuse me sir!!!! I don't see a blog for Sunday October 18th posted anywhere? Can't be slacking off on your third day now!…. haha. I almost didn't get mine posted last night either, but- I DID! You best be out taking photo's right now to make up for it. It's probably about sunrise out your way. PS: I really like the shots from Saturday-they look really good and your writing is just as impressive

  2. HA HA! You are on it! I had internet failure as I had the post all written and saved from earlier in the day. A technicality I know, but you are correct in the end. Not a good start. But I tell you, weddings are exhausting and I was pretty happy to have the next post all ready by the end of the day. Now I am off to the city for some photos!

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