The Begining…

Today starts the first day of what is hopefully many posts. Free from the time constraints of the studio where I was working, there could be no better time to learn and progress through consistent writing and photography.

After returning home from a great workshop which is part of the Photography at the Summit Series, I felt renewed and alight with so many ideas. There’s nothing like hanging out with the best in the industry to get your creative juices flowing. People such as Sabine Meyer (Photo Director of the National Geographic Adventurer), Corey Rich (amazing adventure/rock climbing photographer), Bob Smith (noted nature photographer), Scott Wilson (Director of Photography-The North Face), and Keith Ladzinski ( Super kind outdoor adventure photographer) were in attendance. They all put forth amazingly positive comments while helping all the students grow leaps and bounds.

My images took a turn for the better is less than five days, and my notebook is full of random photo essay ideas that came while driving the lonely I-80 headed towards Elko to Reno and Bozeman to Twin Falls. With all this new found energy and excitement, it is my hope that some of you will join me on this adventure to help me grow, critique my work, inspire me to improve, and most of all enjoy. OK – Enough of the mushy stuff…

These are some photographs from the last week at the workshop. When you have amazing light with access to exceptional athletes and instruction, it’s a pretty hard combination to beat. I am beating a dead horse, I know, but I have to say what a great experience the Summit Workshop was. I don’t know of any other experience where you can learn from so many talented and successful people at the top of their careers.

Of course I will also be posting photographs from work and other projects as they come along, and I intend to post at least a photo a day. If I end up missing a day, let me hear about it! Gotta keep the motivation alive.

Right-O. See you down the road.


4 thoughts on “The Begining…

  1. I like your blog and like the idea of the charity you have highlighted at the bottom. This is my first visit to your blog. It looks like I am your first comment too.

  2. Thanks Tom-You are indeed the lucky winner of the first comment. Sorry I don't have any prizes…but you can come back tomorrow for another post:)

  3. Very cool Todd! Your pictures are always amazing! I know you said you wanted ideas and remember what we talked about at the coffee shop? Having the pictures with captions of where they are and who are in them? I may be SO off-you're the pro here. I still use a Kodak with film, ha ha! Just a thought but love your passion and talent!

  4. Yeah, not so easy to do the caption thing on the old blog. But I should explain the photos a bit more. These were all hired model/athletes for the workshop based on the Tetons of Wyoming. I was in a raft for the kayak shot, I pulled my pants up to my knees and walked out for the fly fishing (fisheye shot) and took the other fly fishing one fro the shore. Thanks for the kind words. Hope your class is treating you kindly!

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