Yuri + Jenny

Indian Summers suck when you’re getting married.  Guys are in suits, brides are in big ol’ dresses, and the wedding party will get noticeably more inebriated as they try to stay hydrated with gin and tonics.  Let me tell you, Santa Rosa can get hot too, even on a normal day in the summer.  But guess what, that wasn’t the case for Yuri and Jenny’s wedding.  The crazy cool summer weather continued on, and the stars aligned for these two lovebirds.  The wedding and reception were held on the lovely grounds at the Vitner’s Inn.  The setting was gorgeous, the food was great, and the day went smooth as butter.  And the last tidbit was thanks to a lovely lady named Lindsey who just started her new wedding coordination biz, called Ooh La La Weddings.  If you’re up in Santa Rosa and want a smooth wedding day, contact this gal!

Back to Yuri and Jenny… actually, I have nothing more to say.  I’m not a talker… not a talker…  (Love Vince Vaughn!)

In the vinyard with sunflares, love, and great light.

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