Heather + Chip

This one has been a long time coming.  Well, the blog yes, but also this marriage.  Heather and I met way back a few years ago at a bridal show…somewhere… I can’t even remember now.  Then we touched base, the three of us, at the studio in SF.  It was a go from there, as Chip and I got on like long lost brothers.  We were talking about surfing, camping, his two boys, and everything else that was streaming out as we finished each others sentences.  I think Heather was a go from the start, but gotta get the hubby’s approval for some stuff, right?  JK!

As the three of us raced around with our lives, Firefighter, Project Manager, and lowly photographer, we somehow managed to meet up one fine day in Livermore at Murietta’s Well.  The weather was perfect – not too hot – and we had nice light into the evening.  The grounds were gorgeous, and the barrel room had just the right amount of grit, edgy and soft light, and ambiance to round it out.  Not much more you could ask for.  I’ll let you visit the inside to see for yourself.


Heather and Chip, lookin on together.

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