Heather + Chip

This one has been a long time coming.  Well, the blog yes, but also this marriage.  Heather and I met way back a few years ago at a bridal show…somewhere… I can’t even remember now.  Then we touched base, the three of us, at the studio in SF.  It was a go from there, as Chip and I got on like long lost brothers.  We were talking about surfing, camping, his two boys, and everything else that was streaming out as we finished each others sentences.  I think Heather was a go from the start, but gotta get the hubby’s approval for some stuff, right?  JK!

As the three of us raced around with our lives, Firefighter, Project Manager, and lowly photographer, we somehow managed to meet up one fine day in Livermore at Murietta’s Well.  The weather was perfect – not too hot – and we had nice light into the evening.  The grounds were gorgeous, and the barrel room had just the right amount of grit, edgy and soft light, and ambiance to round it out.  Not much more you could ask for.  I’ll let you visit the inside to see for yourself.


Heather and Chip, lookin on together.

This pretty much says it all.

Chip with his two boys. They have a good time, pretty much all the time.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Helping hand with the finishing touches.

Heather, slipping in, and having a good time to boot.

Tied tight.

Mom, helping with the braclet.

Murietta's Well was ready and waiting.

This was definitely a family affair with some musically talented people involved. Blackbird never sounded so good.

or... write a message with your picture.



They wanted to surprise each other with a first look. Here's Heather, sneaking up on Chip.

Here's Chip's reaction.

A few tears of joy.

The light was really good. It just kind of happened, and so I grabbed everyone and snapped a few off. Glad of it...

All is well with champagne in hand. Now let's get married!

Making an entrance.

After they came in, they said hello to everyone, cruised around and took it all in, and decided it was time to head up on the stairs and tie the knot.




That's the cool thing about a second shooter. You get a different perspective of the same moment. Cool.

Murietta's Well.

Pretty cool that they hired a lone trumpet player for the whole reception. Just kidding, there was an entire band, but I like this shot.

Diver Scallops, tuna, oysters... it was all delish!

The beef was pretty damn good too.

Here's the cake, just waiting.

Out in the vineyard for a few shots. Did I mention the light was good?

Once again, Jen killed it! Great awareness to capture what else is going on behind the scenes. Love love everywhere...

Walking out.

Right now Chip is saying something fairly inappopriate, I am sure.

Yep, he did!


Weddings are cool. It's the one time when you let people dote on you while you're healthy and happy. You let them say things that are in their heart without feeling like you need to interupt them and say, "No no, no..." It's celebrating at it's best.

Would someone please cut the cake? Oh yeah... Bam!

They were kind to each other.


Well, one more blog behind me, and hopefully many more to go.  Heather and Chip, so glad we met that day so long ago.  What a wonderful wedding it was, and I can’t wait to hang and grab a glass of vino again.  Maybe you guys can get over here for some fresh honeycomb and a glass of Autumn beer.  Until then…

See you down the road.


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