Angela + Rodel – Engagement Session

I looked at my calendar and thought, “Man, we need to get this thing rolling.  She’s only got a few months until her wedding.”  I called Angela up and the first words out of her mouth were, “I was just going to call you and schedule something.”  I was glad we were on the same page,  A few weeks later we met in Pinole for a laid back Sunday session.  I think Rodel tried to re-schedule because the Niners were playing, but there was no turning back on this one, and besides, he could easily catch the second half, which is the better part of most games anyhow.  We had a gorgeous day in the east bay, and you could feel the change in the air.  Autumn had arrived.  Definitely my favorite season.

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Kristina + Manny

A fine summer’s day blessed Manny and Kristina’s wedding.  The light was gorgeous and everyone was all smiles.  It doesn’t get better than that!  I’m light on the words today because I have to get out the door, but I wanted to post the images before the weekend is here.  Enjoy!

Manny + Kristina

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