Nicki + Simon – Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in San Jose – The Ranch Reception

Nicki and Simon were married on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in San Jose at the Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph. It’s a stunningly beautiful church with lots of natural light and amazing architecture.  Plus, it had a balcony! I love it when churches have balconies, because it gives us photographers another amazing angle to tell the story from.  And although there’s just a few images from above, it helps fill in the story leaps and bounds.  But I digress…!

The morning started off right with champagne for the ladies and Don Julio shots for the boys.  Anything to relieve the nerves.  No matter how many times I see it, the moment never gets old.  Even the most stalwart of brides and grooms eventually have “that” moment when you can tell the emotions and the reality are settling in.  That’s where booze comes in handy! I’ve been known to take a nip myself sometimes 😉 Artistic freedom is my excuse!

I didn’t have anything this fine day, because all the pieces were in place, and Nicki and Simon’s wedding was gorgeous.  Come take a look and see for yourself.



nikki_simon_wedding 00001 nikki_simon_wedding 00002 nikki_simon_wedding 00003 nikki_simon_wedding 00004 nikki_simon_wedding 00005 nikki_simon_wedding 00006 nikki_simon_wedding 00007 nikki_simon_wedding 00008 nikki_simon_wedding 00009 nikki_simon_wedding 00010 nikki_simon_wedding 00011 nikki_simon_wedding 00012 nikki_simon_wedding 00013 nikki_simon_wedding 00014 nikki_simon_wedding 00015 nikki_simon_wedding 00016 nikki_simon_wedding 00017 nikki_simon_wedding 00018 nikki_simon_wedding 00019 nikki_simon_wedding 00020 nikki_simon_wedding 00021 nikki_simon_wedding 00022 nikki_simon_wedding 00023 nikki_simon_wedding 00024 nikki_simon_wedding 00025 nikki_simon_wedding 00026 nikki_simon_wedding 00027 nikki_simon_wedding 00028 nikki_simon_wedding 00029 nikki_simon_wedding 00030 nikki_simon_wedding 00031 nikki_simon_wedding 00032 nikki_simon_wedding 00033 nikki_simon_wedding 00034 nikki_simon_wedding 00035 nikki_simon_wedding 00036 nikki_simon_wedding 00037 nikki_simon_wedding 00038 nikki_simon_wedding 00039 nikki_simon_wedding 00040 nikki_simon_wedding 00041 nikki_simon_wedding 00042 nikki_simon_wedding 00043 nikki_simon_wedding 00044 nikki_simon_wedding 00045 nikki_simon_wedding 00046 nikki_simon_wedding 00047 nikki_simon_wedding 00048 nikki_simon_wedding 00049 nikki_simon_wedding 00050 nikki_simon_wedding 00051 nikki_simon_wedding 00052 nikki_simon_wedding 00053 nikki_simon_wedding 00054 nikki_simon_wedding 00055 nikki_simon_wedding 00056 nikki_simon_wedding 00057 nikki_simon_wedding 00058 nikki_simon_wedding 00059 nikki_simon_wedding 00060 nikki_simon_wedding 00061 nikki_simon_wedding 00062 nikki_simon_wedding 00063 nikki_simon_wedding 00064 nikki_simon_wedding 00065 nikki_simon_wedding 00066 nikki_simon_wedding 00067 nikki_simon_wedding 00068 nikki_simon_wedding 00069 nikki_simon_wedding 00070 nikki_simon_wedding 00071 nikki_simon_wedding 00072 nikki_simon_wedding 00073 nikki_simon_wedding 00074 nikki_simon_wedding 00075 nikki_simon_wedding 00076 nikki_simon_wedding 00077 nikki_simon_wedding 00078 nikki_simon_wedding 00079 nikki_simon_wedding 00080 nikki_simon_wedding 00081Nicki and Simon, thank you so much again for allowing me to photograph your wedding day.  Best wishes.

See you down the road.



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