Steve + Abbie – Lake Tahoe Wedding

When a really good friend comes to the table to cash in his chips, what’s a guy to do but say yes?  Steve and Abbie are dear friends, and I was stoked and honored to have been asked to photograph their Lake Tahoe beach wedding.  A few caveats were laid down if I was going to do this baby pro-bono publico.  I had to enjoy some craft brew made by one of his friends (check)… and I think… that was it.  Wait, does that mean I will work for beer?  Possibly, but if we haven’t known each other for almost 2 decades, it’s not gonna happen.  Holy crap I am getting old!  But what photographer worth his or her salt wouldn’t want to capture a stunning bride in one of the world’s most pristine places.  Steve, you’re not so bad yourself, but that dress Abbie!  I loved it.  The ceremony was short and sweet, with tons of love and energy floating through the air.  What follows is short and sweet as well, but I am sure you’ll enjoy it.  And no brother, you didn’t burn down any bridges; although I may be needing a place to crash when the pow comes 🙂

steve_abbie 0001-1

steve_abbie 0002steve_abbie 0003 steve_abbie 0004-1 steve_abbie 0005 steve_abbie 0006 steve_abbie 0007 steve_abbie 0008 steve_abbie 0009 steve_abbie 0010 steve_abbie 0011 steve_abbie 0012-1 steve_abbie 0013-1 steve_abbie 0014 steve_abbie 0015 steve_abbie 0016 steve_abbie 0017-1 steve_abbie 0018-1

steve_abbie 0019 steve_abbie 0020steve_abbie 0021 steve_abbie 0022Steve and Abbie, I am so happy for you two.  The sky’s the limit!

See you down the road.


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