Kimberly + Matt – Engagement – Woodside, CA

Kim, Matt, and I met on a glorious (you have to say it like Will Ferrell does in ‘Old School’ talking about “Blue”) summer day at my home in Redwood City.  Oddly enough, our city motto is “Climate Best by Government Test.”  You’d be surprised how many people know it, and quote it when I tell them that’s where I live.  But anyway… The day was gorgeous and we decided to kick around my neck of the woods for some photo opportunities.  When I am out cruising on my road bike, I am constantly imprinting cool places in my mental Rolodex for future ideas and shoots.  As scattered as it may be sometimes (my mind), every now and then it hits the jackpot.  This was one of those days.  What follows are some really fun shots, great light, and super cute couple.  Kim – aka Katie 😉 – and Matt, looking forward to seeing you guys back on the west coast in a few months.  Until then, abrazos fuertes!


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