Craig Falls

The title has a double meaning.  Craig really did take a fall, of sorts, but it’s also his actual name. Craig, my neighbor down the street, was hit by a Chevy Silverado just over a week ago.  He was cruising around 32 mph when the truck made a left turn but didn’t see Craig coming the opposite direction.  He impacted the passenger side fender, and his face and helmet cratered in the windshield. His carbon frame broke into pieces and his alloy handlebars are twisted and mangled. So was Craig.  He told me all he remembers thinking was, “I’m not going to miss this…”

His list of injuries includes but is not limited to:  Lots of fractured face bones, a torn rotator cuff, most likely torn ACL, broken wrist, facial lacerations, broken nose + displace septum, and all kinds of bruising.  For all this, he is remarkably well and healing.

I thought a photo of the carnage would be a good idea and memento for when he’s back in the saddle.  Get well soon buddy.

craig_falls 00001See you down the road.


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