Rachelle + John

Finally.  Finally, a gorgeous Friday afternoon.  Finally, a somewhat hot and sunny day.  Finally, Rachelle and John get to see there pictures.  We had a great time cruising the streets of San Francisco; from grabbing a cup of joe at their local spot to heading off to more industrialized locales, it was a good day to photograph.  It’s all a box of chocolates I tell you.

(You know it’s Friday with a lame intro like this…)

The photos are much better I tell you!

Taking their dog, Cloud, for a walk.

This isn't the half of it people. . . Actually, I guess it is. 2 is always bigger than 1, if you know what I mean. I just had to put this in here, cause I love it! What a moment 🙂

John John, enjoying his coffee.

Rachelle and a very special necklace. Representing.

Brick. House.

Aww yeah, I know I got that song into your head! Sing out loud if you want to! No stopping here!

From a different angle.

Playing it cool.

For real.

Loading dock and fire escape.

That's a good lookin' couple right there.

We decided to head down and get a little Bay Bridge action.

This sailboat was tacking back and forth, so I waited and lined it up. I think it turrned out pretty nice.

The pier is a tricky place to walk when you're rockin' heels. Better to look down than twist and ankle...

That’s it for another edition.  Have a great weekend, and as always…

See you down the road.


One thought on “Rachelle + John

  1. i love them! i already posted them on fb and sent you some love. thank you!!!! we can’t wait for the wedding and more of your beautiful work!

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