Gordon + Nichole – Pie Ranch – Pescadero CA

I am a talker. I love telling stories and spinning a good yarn. And if you get me going on bees or photos, I will talk your ear off. Sometimes this can land me in trouble. Close friends know some infamous stories of both my feet in my mouth, at the same time. But one particular day last year, the situation worked in my favor, for as I was selling my honey (State Street Honey…shameless plug…) at the farmers market in Pescadero, Nichole overheard me say that I was also a photographer who specialized in weddings. Well, how serendipitous, as she and her betrothed were to be married next year and were still in search of someone to fill that role. Fast forward. Nichole and Gordon are now married, and I photographed their wedding. What a great day – full moon, perfect weather, great light, AMAZING food, barn dancing – it just doesn’t get any better. So please peruse a quick selection of the day’s photographs that will hopefully take you back to that amazing day. Enjoy!

nichole_gordon_blog 0080

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