Women, Be True To Yourself

What is beauty?  Watch this Dove Video and revisit the question.

Ladies, when did you get duped into believing that you should look like Barbie?  Should we all really have to keep up with the Kardashians Joneses when it comes to waist size, fashion, and our overall look? (Really, who are those people from LA, and what is it they actually do besides flit around and waste time?)  Don’t we know that most of what we see in the form of advertisement is all BS?

I came across the link above the other day and thought I would share it – because it totally blew me away.  Not only is advertising and fashion creating false hopes for women, it’s doing the same thing for men.  This video is a perfect example.  The transformation is crazy, but the manipulation of something more important is even scarier; our self-esteem.  How can you ever hope to achieve looking like (or dating) something that doesn’t even exist?

As it’s Friday, some of us will head out this weekend for a good time.   Carry yourself high, and understand that we all look different for a reason, and they are all good reasons.

See you down the road.