Incessant Babble Can Lead To Good Things

White out conditions.  A 2 hour drive turned into 6.  Possible accidents and a new change of shorts needed.  Who wouldn’t want to drive in these conditions? My parents asked themselves the same question when it came time to pick me up from Denver International Airport.  Thank god for Kiwis.

“I have you scheduled for the 6 PM bus, but you could leave right now.  Do you wanna do that?” asked the guy at the counter.  I wondered if it was a rhetorical question.  I grabbed a seat alone, close to the driver.  As we pulled out, the two randoms in the back started talking about their portfolios while disclosing all kinds of personal financial information with specific dollar amounts gained.  I thanked the heavens I wasn’t involved in the stroke-fest that was going on.  I mean, how many times do you have to mention that you have a 2nd home in Vail?  We get it…

But sometimes pomposity has it’s attributes, like keeping decent people away from douchebags (warning, the definition may make you chuckle).  Building up my wall of energy to keep Smith and Barney from asking me anything, I struck up a conversation with Ray, the driver.  I just kept chewing his ear off, and pretty soon it lead to a question about my profession.  I waited another half hour before I threw it out there, that hey, let’s make a day of it and get some good shots.  Now I am always wary of inviting myself into other people’s days, but I knew I could deliver.

It was hard charging in 0 degree Fahrenheit temperatures – cold fingers and toes, watching out for powdery snow that wants to ruin your camera sensor, and bears – but we managed to get a few keepers.  And yeah, bears…

Here are a few from the day.  Enjoy!

Ray, tail grab off a nice little boulder.

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