Marissa + Tom – Half Moon Bay Wedding

Anytime I can reference a Lord of the Rings quote to someone, anyone, and especially at a wedding, I just know it’s going to be a good day.  I won’t go into details, but it involved a past bride and the fact that I was now Todd the White.  I had flown through space and time, evolved if you will, and she had no power over me.  We all laughed a good laugh, and I went on my merry way taking pictures as I do.

Marissa and Tom’s wedding was blessed with a typical Half Moon Bay day, which is slightly overcast and cool.  A win win for brides in dresses and photographers trying to avoid harsh light.  The Pacific Ocean was also right next door, and that’s a win for everyone involved.  Any day at the beach is a good day, right?  And so it was, on this fantastic beach day that Tom and Marissa merged their two lives and will go forward as one.  I consider myself lucky to witness and photograph such happiness, coupled with the right amount of free spirit and goofiness.  May the good times continue to roll…

marissa_tom_blog 0001

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