Raissa + Brian – Marin Headlands Wedding – Mt. Tamalpais Wedding – San Francisco Wedding Photographer

The door opened at the cafe, and when I looked up from my hot cocoa, we both smiled and let out a quick chuckle. Now, thinking back on the phone call I received from Brian, apologizing that they’d be a bit late for our meeting, of course that’s why his voice was familiar in some distant way. As it was, Brian just happened to once upon a time live one floor above me in the same dorm room some (many) years ago at Cal Poly SLO.  “Out of all the gin joints in all the world…”  But yeah, it is a damn small world.

So the world is small, but it’s also enormous.  It’s full of wild encounters, amazing people, and endless stories.  Today Raissa and Brian wrote their own story, on their terms. They tied their own knot, literally, as a symbol of their bond.  Their wedding ceremony was intimate, love-filled, comedic at times (horse-radish!), and honest.  I am honored to have been a part of it. What follows are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Raissa_Brian_blog 0001

Raissa_Brian_blog 0002 Raissa_Brian_blog 0003 Raissa_Brian_blog 0004 Raissa_Brian_blog 0005 Raissa_Brian_blog 0006 Raissa_Brian_blog 0007 Raissa_Brian_blog 0009 Raissa_Brian_blog 0010 Raissa_Brian_blog 0011 Raissa_Brian_blog 0012 Raissa_Brian_blog 0013 Raissa_Brian_blog 0014 Raissa_Brian_blog 0015 Raissa_Brian_blog 0016 Raissa_Brian_blog 0017 Raissa_Brian_blog 0018 Raissa_Brian_blog 0019 Raissa_Brian_blog 0020 Raissa_Brian_blog 0021 Raissa_Brian_blog 0022 Raissa_Brian_blog 0023 Raissa_Brian_blog 0024 Raissa_Brian_blog 0025 Raissa_Brian_blog 0026 Raissa_Brian_blog 0027 Raissa_Brian_blog 0028 Raissa_Brian_blog 0029 Raissa_Brian_blog 0030 Raissa_Brian_blog 0031 Raissa_Brian_blog 0032 Raissa_Brian_blog 0033 Raissa_Brian_blog 0034 Raissa_Brian_blog 0035 Raissa_Brian_blog 0036 Raissa_Brian_blog 0037 Raissa_Brian_blog 0038 Raissa_Brian_blog 0039Once again, Raissa and Brian, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your wedding.  With any luck we’ll see each other in less than 15 years 🙂

See you down the road.


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