Does a Mustache Make You Run Faster?

Funny story.  I was out on an errand – driving in my car – and as I looked to the sidewalk, I saw this mop of hair swishing around, back and forth.  Now this was hair:  Full, voluptuous, boundless in its energy.  Motoring closer, I could see the runner was shirtless and was pacing at a pretty good clip.  About to pass, I took a look once again and noticed a supremely thick mustache, and that’s when I knew I had to photograph this guy.  I gunned the gas, missed my errand stop, and pulled ahead to give me time to try and capture a few images.

Full mane flowing, Todd paces out a trail up on a mountain ridge

Time has a funny way of speeding up when you’re in a hurry, and as I fumbled with my gear, he flew by.  Now this was a month or so back, and I had a cold, felt achy, was sporting jeans and flip flops.  Not the best of circumstances to catch up to a very in-shape runner, skirting construction workers building the new greenway downtown.


Leaving the car windows down, I fled after my subject.  Dodging pissed-off pedestrians (must have been someone else who bumped them), yelling, “Cuidado!” to the workers ambling around, and a few winded blocks later, I stood at the corner with nothing to show for it.  I couldn’t believe I lost him!  I stared off down to the right, and something caught my eye. A pair of legs. Ah ha!  He was adjusting his shoes on a window sill, and hidden from view.

Five Fingers

With a lump in my stomach, I approached.  “What’s up man?  How you doing?” I asked.  I swear, without looking up, he just raised his fist for first contact. Fist Bump.  “Oh yeah…this is gonna be sweet,” I thought to myself.  “I couldn’t help notice you running.  You’ve got an amazing presence.  The hair, the mustache, and these – What are these?” I belted out.

“Oh, these are five-fingers.”  By now I felt a little serendipity going on.  I had wanted to photograph a runner for a while now.  The night before I had just watched a program demonstrating the benefits of running barefoot (Less injuries, less jarring, and stronger legs)  And the icing on the cake?  “What’s your name?” I asked hesitantly.  He replied, “Todd.”

The rest is history

Dammit - I gotta get in shape...

I have to give a big shout out to Todd for being so patient, and making this happen.  He’s a busy guy, helping build the architecture for Nutshell, a management system for social networking.  Along with weather delays and scheduling conflicts, it seemed like it would never happen, but we finally got it done.  And the funny thing is, I didn’t even get half the photos I was thinking about!  Sigh…  Of all the resources, it seems time is always the limiting factor.

See you down the road.


10 thoughts on “Does a Mustache Make You Run Faster?

  1. Hey Kristen-

    Thanks! The shoes are crazy, but maybe they are catching on! From what I’ve read, it looks like they are better for you; no big heel striking, and you calves and shins get a great workout too.

  2. Love the the dude with the stache’. My boyfriend is all about those shoes/socks these days. Makes me chuckle.

  3. Those are nice shots, Todd.

    So I saw your reply on Chase Jarvis’ post, in regards to getting the courage to ask strangers permission to take their photos. Have you had more practice doing that since this shoot? … Thanks for sharing this post, BTW.

    • Desiree-

      Unfortunately I haven’t gotten out too much to photograph random people. With trying to get my wedding business off the ground, hustling for editorial work, and general upkeep in life, it seems like the personal side of photography takes a back seat sometimes.

      I am trying to get more scheduled about getting out for my own work – almost like a date night! Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and posting. All the best!


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