Portraits – Prospect At A Glance – Part 2

Happy Friday to everyone.  Just moving and grooving to some We Were Promised Jetpacks, fueling my own pack up with some fresh goodness that comes out of my espresso machine daily, sometimes twice daily.  May need to cut back on that a bit.

It’s been a pretty good week, and I am hoping the weekend will bring more of the same.  Good weather, great people, and perhaps some BBQ in the old back yard.

Speaking of good people, I couldn’t resist heading back to Jefferson Mack Metal with my lights to capture a few more images of the guys in the shop.  This time I was lucky enough to snag the trio, in that Jefferson was available for a quick little session.

Here are few…




I have to say, Jefferson threw me for a loop.  We were photographing at first, and he had just his black shirt on.  Then he said, “Oh, let me get my scarf, it will ad a pop of color.”  I thought, “This is perfect.”

Turns out he used to do some modeling in Europe, and I tell you, he’s still got it man!  He was turning and working the camera no problem.  It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t really have to say anything – No directing.  He just rocked the whole session.  I tell ya, you just never know what is going to come out of people’s mouths.  Here I am, in a dirty and gritty shop with a bunch of smithies, and the last thing I expected was a comment like that.  Simply amazing.

See you down the road.


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