A Down Day

Dropped the bassist off at his place in Brooklyn and headed for a couch for the night.  Only I didn’t get much sleep due to the fact that I stayed awake till 4am finishing up yesterday’s blog.  Exhausted or not, we woke to a steely rain soaked day here in Manhattan.  It was the perfect down day, and we just hung around.  Come 4:30, it was time to head to a new venue with the group.
This time Gaby and company played at Rockwood Music Hall , a quaint and intimate setting that shuffles through 7 acts a night.  Each gets to play for about an hour.  After a quick sound check while Sebastian tried to figure out how to handle the drum kit and snare permanently stationed in the corner, they were up and playing in a few minutes.  I keep joking with Sebastian that it is so hard to get decent photos of him.  Drummers always get put in the corner, and of course get blanketed by all the equipment that is required to keep the band in rhythm.  Oh to be so important, yet somehow forgotten.  I won’t forget you Sebastian.  Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Once again Gaby marched through gorgeous chorus lines, and made me feel like my mother was singing a lullaby to me on a warm spring evening.  The band also had an extra addition this evening; Mark Palmer from The Hipstones joined in on piano to accompany and already lovely resonance.  As the show progressed the crowd grew, and everyone murmured at how lovely the music was.  I couldn’t agree more.

As today was a rest day for the actual Ani tour, things were nice and quiet for a change.  Tomorrow it all starts up again, as they’ll play at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  More of a club atmosphere, the crowd will be standing and up close and personal, so I am sure the vibe and energy will be amplified a bit.  Should be good times.

See you down the road.


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